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what's toth

hands down, the question we hear the most: what’s “toth” mean?

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth (pictured to the right); as a teenager, she boarded a transatlantic ship alone, in the middle of the night; she spoke no english; she knew no one; and she started a new life in america (pittsburgh specifically).  

her maiden name (toth) is Founder Meg Seitz’s middle name.


that courage and curiosity defines toth shop. 

meet our contributors

matt bednarsky

a believer that life is beautiful, crunchy peanut butter is the way to go, and guacamole is a gift to humanity.  he is also a polyglot and an internationally touring singer/songwriter with an expansive internet presence and three full-length studio albums; you can hear him online wherever you listen to music.

tori karlek

as one friend wrote in her 10th grade high school yearbook, “tori, you’re so fluffy and cool!” tori tells stories. (but really.) a writer, yogi, and pop-tart enthusiast, writing brings her greater joy than anything in the world, although michael scott is a close second. her favorite way to write is with a mug of peppermint tea, lab-mix charlie in her lap, and stringing together words to help narrate someone's story. she also really loves hugs and telling people how amazing they are. ask her on a prosecco or coffee date, and you'll get an emphatic "YES."

abby rudnitsky

abby rudnitsky is a redeemed perfectionist learning to embrace uncertainty. once an english major, always an english major: she writes a ton, reads even more, and probably drinks too much coffee. she loves her husband, sunflowers, and not having to do the dishes. if she could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation; her actual superpower is rotating the same 3 black outfits without anyone noticing.

"we were taught that the ingenuity, creativity, empathy, soul, power, and grace of being a girl and a woman is a competitive advantage - and it’s our responsibility, choice, and power to use that for good."

social responsibility


our take on social responsibility

toth shop. 

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