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"i wanted to have storytelling, captivating copy that was written in a voice that speaks to me personally. magical and poetic blended with precise and to-the-point. the goal was to blend these two so that it was professional, but still had a little “feeling.” toth shop was able to capture what was most important to me; the most special piece is one i hadn’t even thought of and was meg’s idea."

amber cagle

black dove interiors


black dove interiors is an interior architecture and design firm founded by artist amber cagle. after years of transforming her clients’ spaces and being part of their stories, she realized that she needed help telling her own story. she was ready for a new website and a way to showcase her work. brilliant as an artist, she just couldn’t quite put the words together herself. 


toth shop partnered with black dove to create a voice that’s equally poetic and to-the-point; exactly what amber was looking for. copy that captures what’s unique about amber and captivates her audience. messaging that empowers her story and drives leads to begin their own stories with black dove interiors.

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