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+ storytelling and website copy strategy infused with cloverhound team and client intelligence


+ voice and tone work for visual and written pieces 


+ storytelling foundation work for cloverhound’s overall brand identity 

the spark:

cloverhound is the epitome of a tech company. they are a bunch of cerebral product guys and gals putting to use their expertise in the fields of telecommunications and software to create solutions and offer services like their virtualq framework, a robust video waiting room service that securely, compliantly, and efficiently enables things like court proceedings and medical visits to carry on remotely. 


one of the most frequent ways that work is sent our way is by referral from our wide network of collaborators and former clients. that’s true of our relationship with cloverhound. we were brought in by our video production friends at the littlefield company, who were working with cloverhound to tell their story and introduce their products by video. they needed help in not just drafting video-friendly copy, but also in presenting the cloverhound brand and product offer through web copy and content. 


we felt an immediate kinship with the cloverhound team’s creativity, agility, fresh ideas, and smart execution. we wanted to find a way to bring an authentic human voice to their innovative tech and to highlight its value to laypeople without straying from the brand’s original personality.



the cloverhound team already knew the fast facts and selling points of their products. but when you’re so close to the science, it can be hard to tell your story in a language that every end-user speaks. what the toth shop team wanted to do was dig one layer deeper, talking to actual clients to add real human voices and stories to illustrate product value. 


we talked to the state judge who’s raved about how their life had been made easier and work more efficient by cloverhound’s product. we collected written soundbites from real people to showcase how the technology was easing the stress of tedious and time-consuming everyday frustrations like bureaucratic office visits. 


by translating technical writing into marketing material with a warm human voice, we created content that was as compelling and accessible as a casual conversation with a trusted acquaintance, yet as informed as necessary to get buy-in from potential clients.

"we were in search of a company to partner with us in telling our brand story. the toth shop has helped us craft our brand identity clearly and compellingly. their insightful, probing questions aligned with an enjoyable and candid flair helped to drive our content to the next level. because of the toth shop, our brand awareness with customers and channel partners has increased tremendously.”

nathan leatherwood

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