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the spark:

when rachel hatteberg walt first joined toth shop founder and ceo meg seitz’s marketing course through davidson college’s hurt hub center for entrepreneurship, it was to grow her brand craftingood, a personal project turned side hustle turned business that was quickly expanding and evolving into something much more full-time. at the same time, rachel was working separately and coincidentally with mindset and business coach carianna hebert.


the one-two punch of the mindset coaching and the marketing coaching transformed rachel’s idea of what craftingood could and should be. what had started out as a direct-to-consumer kids’ craft box subscription was taking on a new life as a holistic wellness coaching business aimed at helping caregivers discover and embrace their own innate creativity, allowing them to show up better for themselves, their families, and their communities.


craftingood had a lot going on and rachel, as the jack-of-all-trades at the center of the tumult feeling up to her eyeballs in context and history, came to toth shop for a hand in making sense of her story. 



in addition to neatly and colorfully packaging up all of craftingood's offers in one succinct site, rachel wanted to be sure the copy would leave readers with the confidence that all are welcomed equally, that they are seen and heard, and that there is creativity in them even if they themselves wouldn’t reflexively self-identify as a “creative person.” 


through our brand discovery process, which includes detailed questionnaires, interviews, and collaborative feedback sessions, the toth shop team got up to speed on all of the background, inspiration and, aspirations we needed to know in order to properly tell the story of both rachel and craftingood. we developed a scope of work to include a snackable elevator pitch, expanded elevator pitch, brand story and founder bio, all of which when paired with fresh photography by toth shop extended family member julia fay would be the launchpad craftingood needed for its new chapter. 


we realized that rachel’s pivot to coaching would need storytelling and marketing messaging that would connect and resonate with clients on a hyper-personal level. our copywriting approach was to deliver craftingood’s message in a way that was intimate and inspiring without being fluffy, wellness-focused without being woo-woo, and that captured as much of rachel’s own personality as possible. throughout the copy, we weaved in rachel-isms, little winks and nods to the folks who know her best that would also give the feeling of being in on the inside jokes to new, like-minded clients.

"meg and the whole toth shop team somehow took my vision, mission, and goals and alchemized them. they amplified my voice into a story that i am proud to share on my socials, website, and other marketing avenues. my experience with toth shop was fun and clear. i felt seen, heard, and taken care of throughout the process!”

rachel hatteberg walt

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