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+ brand discovery for a holistic understanding of defined media co.'s evolved brand identity.

+ full website rewrite, including three rounds of collaborative edits

+ coaching to help the team determine other opportunities to use the copy in other materials.

the client:

when melissa maulini furr of defined media co. launched her business in 2018, she was riding solo as an independent freelancer specializing in digital marketing. since then, defined media co. has grown into a team of in-house staff and trusted partners, turning defined media co. into a collective of experts in the digital marketing space. melissa needed fresh website copy to represent the reality of her growing agency. she sought copy that not only reflected the increase in people behind defined media co., but that got to the heart of their passion for digital marketing and what they make possible for purpose-driven brands. 



this website rewrite was more than turning  “i” into “we”; it was also a chance to think about how melissa spoke about her brand. she sought a professional, no-fluff vibe that was approachable and showed potential clients that defined media co. was a group of real people who care about helping others. having been familiar with toth shop’s human-centric approach to writing from clients and friends, melissa felt toth shop’s style was exactly what she was looking for. 



since upgrading her website copy with toth shop, melissa notes she’s seen a direct uptick in website traffic, incoming leads, and complements not only on the look of defined media co.’s website but also the feel of it. the business is successfully attracting brands that are deeply passionate about what they do and care about positively impacting others. 

i felt like toth shop immediately understood my needs, and from the first draft, they executed on that by immediately picking up my business's feel and personality and expressing it through the copy. i have had a ton of positive feedback on our new website copy and have also been able to use it on our social media accounts and in client presentations. thank you again! your team perfectly executed my vision.

melissa maulini furr

defined media co.

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