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the more brains, the better.

marketing. communications. public relations. brand strategy. business development. 


if you work on one of those teams, you’re a busy person. after working side-by-side with these pros in a variety of businesses and industries over the better half of a decade, we get it. 


which is why it’s valuable to bring in a partner in this process.


you may call this consulting. perhaps, coaching. it’s both of those. we like to call it thought partnership. If that’s too woo-woo for you, here’s the real deal: we’re an objective-third-party who loves a seat at your table to support and push you to think through brand strategy problems, opportunities, and next steps. 

ready to gain a new level of confidence in your story? 

“the toth shop team excels at communications and storytelling, and they pivot the scope of their work to suit the client’s needs. they have been a tremendous help guiding us in focusing our messaging. their approach is current, relevant, and succinct.  what’s more, they are flexible and extremely accommodating - we just love working with them!”

- beth bell, fashion & compassion

we can work with you to:

here's how we do it...

listen: we don’t storm in like gangbusters; as your partner in all this, we listen first; then, we take a deep, strategic dive into the problem or challenge.


look for what’s possible: this phase is driven by fresh perspective and new ideas - we’re looking for the hidden gems, the opportunities, the possibilities, the solutions that you’re either too close to see or that might not even be there yet. 


take action: this is where we develop a plan; we coach; we have honest conversations; we make next steps happen. 


stay in it with you: whether it’s for a one day brand audit or a six month rebrand, we’re in this with you. 


what’s our goal? 

we will be your partner in finding your best - whether that’s strategy or storytelling; we’ll help you to solve the problem and create a clear path forward that shifts how you and your brand show up for the world. 


we always create, coach, and partner with these three things in mind: 

toth shop is a relationship-based culture: this means we always put people first. 


every member of our team is a stand for respect and inclusion: we want to hear from and listen to every voice at your table; we create a partnership relationship that’s safe, comfortable, and respectful. 


we believe anything is possible: whatever the idea is, let’s put some strategy to it, and explore it; if it doesn’t work, we learn and we pivot; if it works, we lean into it, and we stay agile to keep moving forward with you. 


so, what’s toth?

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth who, at just 19, left her home in the village of paczin, hungary to board a transatlantic ship in the belgium port city of antwerp on may 23, 1912. she did it by herself, in the middle of the night. that ship docked at ellis island, nyc on june 4, 1912. she spoke no english; she knew no one in america; she started an entirely new life in pittsburgh. she - elizabeth toth doczy - became a u.s. citizen in 1957, and her name is on a brick permanently placed at ellis island. she’s our founder’s great-grandmother.

that courage, curiosity, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop. 


welcome to the family.