your story has the power to change the world.



it’s true. your story is unique. it’s yours. and it’s powerful. it’s like sitting on a gold mine - and you damn well didn’t even know it.


the trick is finding those gold nuggets in your story and making them public - on your resume, linkedin, personal website.


the more you’re able to tell that story, the more confident you’ll feel and the more you’ll set yourself up for opportunity and success. 


that level of your personal power creates value that businesses want and need. 

think about that for a sec.

ready to gain a new level of confidence in your story? 


whomever you are and whatever

you’ve accomplished, is yours;

let’s tell the world about it.

if you just need a refresh...

update your resume

craft a cover letter template

review + refresh your linkedin profile

write a short version of your bio for your linkedin

we can work with you to:

if you’ve found the one (dream job) and you’re ready to go all-in and apply for it...

we've got your back with:

a resume tailored to specific job + company

a cover letter tailored to  specific job + company

a linkedin profile review + refresh tailored to specific job + company

a professional bio (long-form and short-form versions)​

if you just need a little boost…

let’s talk it through, figure out what you need, and then we’ll chat pricing to work for you. ​

cover letter template 

linkedin profile review + refresh 

resume tailored to specific job + company

cover letter tailored to  specific job + company

linkedin profile review + refresh tailored to specific job + company

resume creation  

resume refresh

student and/or professional bio (long-form and short-form version)

headshot with our partner julia fay photography


"toth shop provided me with a red carpet experience with my bio creation. not only were they creative and thoughtful, they helped me tell my story in a very clear yet concise way. i went from not really showcasing and sharing my bio to plastering it everywhere. i'm forever grateful for the brilliance this team created for me. i have already recommended them to my husband and other colleagues, this team really gets it." 

- nelvia bullock, costello real estate & investments


toth shop is a relationship-based culture: this means we always put people first. 


every member of our team is a stand for respect and inclusion: we want to hear from and listen to every voice at your table; we create a partnership relationship that’s safe, comfortable, and respectful. 


we believe anything is possible: whatever the idea is, let’s put some strategy to it, and explore it; if it doesn’t work, we learn and we pivot; if it works, we lean into it, and we stay agile to keep moving forward with you. 


so, what’s toth?

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth who, at just 19, left her home in the village of paczin, hungary to board a transatlantic ship in the belgium port city of antwerp on may 23, 1912. she did it by herself, in the middle of the night. that ship docked at ellis island, nyc on june 4, 1912. she spoke no english; she knew no one in america; she started an entirely new life in pittsburgh. she - elizabeth toth doczy - became a u.s. citizen in 1957, and her name is on a brick permanently placed at ellis island. she’s our founder’s great-grandmother.

that courage, curiosity, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop. 


welcome to the family.