thinking and writing that delivers the definition, authenticity & confidence you need to connect with humans, brands, and businesses.

humans, brands, and businesses come to toth shop for a couple of reasons:


they need an objective, creative third party and a special ear to listen and tease out everything from the gold nuggets to the stories they need to stand out in their marketing; 

they want to connect with real people - not algorithms - and they have no clue where to start the process of defining who they are and what they do in a human way;

they're just too damn busy to think, strategize, or write for their business 




when you hire us, you: 


engage a creative and objective thought partner

utilize a unique combo of skills, talent, human intelligence, pro experience for you, your business, your stories  

get strategy and content that you can put into action right now and use in a variety of ways, saving you and your team time, attention and energy 




we coach, support, mentor, teach, sit shotgun with you and your team, sharing our perspective or advice, but letting you drive the operations and management


we see projects as thinking and writing opportunities with a clear start and finish


these are ongoing collaborations and commitments, where we work together for six months or more

our services fall into these categories:


your company is a brand. YOU are a brand. thinking and writing core and foundational brand pieces are critical to how you market, sell, communicate, connect, and engage.  


services include (but certainly aren’t limited to): 

  • bios/professional summaries

  • personal branding website copy and stories

  • what we call north star pieces - mission statements, visions, or company philosophies


your voice is your voice; it’s pretty damn special. and there are lots of ways to get that voice out into the world to tell your story and to connect with people.


services include (but certainly aren’t limited to): 

  • voice memos - our voice guide that define and describe your company’s voice 

  • press releases 

  • company statements 

  • RFP thinking and writing organization and support


how you market, sell, and connect needs to be your brand and your voice in action. 


services include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • website first cuts and refreshes 

  • marketing one-pagers 

  • content calendar planning

  • ad copy


truth: there are SO MANY GOOD STORIES within you or your organization that are valuable to how you do business and why you are who you are; let’s tell those stories.


services include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • blogs 

  • testimonial interviews 

  • case studies

  • human interest stories for annual reports or editorial needs


so, what’s toth?

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth who, at just 19, left her home in the village of paczin, hungary to board a transatlantic ship in the belgium port city of antwerp on may 23, 1912. she did it by herself, in the middle of the night. that ship docked at ellis island, nyc on june 4, 1912. she spoke no english; she knew no one in america; she started an entirely new life in pittsburgh. she - elizabeth toth doczy - became a u.s. citizen in 1957, and her name is on a brick permanently placed at ellis island. she’s our founder’s great-grandmother.

that courage, curiosity, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop. 


welcome to the family. 

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