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"toth shop gave us the voice and messaging we’ve always dreamed of having as a business. they helped breathe new life into our 20-year-old agency and inspired us both internally and externally. toth shop’s help with the brand messaging opened up new opportunities for us to grow and expand our business with clients along with attracting fresh, new and innovative talent."


mindful & good is a socially conscious design studio founded by designer rachel martin. after two decades operating as ‘rachel martin design,’ martin was ready to pivot her brand to encompass something bigger than herself: her team, and their sustainability-focused brand values. she wanted the messaging to tell the story of their sustainable design for socially conscious brands that is happy, inspired, hopeful and makes people want to do better. 


toth shop partnered with mindful & good to help elevate the brand’s equity, and hone in on a modern voice that speaks right to the heart of mindful & good’s ideal clients. with updated brand messaging and copy, mindful & good has been able to expand their market reach, grow their business, and attract new clients that are more in-line with their agency. 

experience the refreshed copy here

(psst! don’t forget to read mindful & good’s manifesto - it’s one of their favorite pieces and it’s a personal fave of ours, too.)

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