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"meg is so smart and easy to talk to. she made sure that all of my priorities were reflected back to me and explained each decision she made so that i could understand her process and the final copy."

nicole yang

founder of nicole yang designs


nicole yang designs business was growing and needed an upgraded online presence. nicole needed someone like toth shop to come in and put all her jumbled thoughts into something that was concise, easy for a non-designer to understand, and had a good dose of fun and sassiness.


toth shop provided copy for seven of the web pages that helped users do three things: 1) feel welcome and understood, 2) better grasp design concepts for their own businesses, and 3) get a dose of the fun and ease that we try to instill in our own creative process. plus, working with her further cemented the brand voice for the team, making small copy that nicole yang designs write on our own easier to complete.

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