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margaret thacker.


when she’s not running on the charles or posted up at a boston-area brewery or coffee shop, you can find jess tuned in to a story, either one she’s crafting or one she’s consuming. jess puts her journalism background to use in support of the idea that brands big, small, and anywhere in between work better when they’re working from a shared story. a citizen of the world having lived and worked in new zealand, denmark, france and elsewhere, she is never not planning her next big escape.

as professionally trained chef and seasoned traveler, sarah’s first love is experiencing other cultures through what is on her plate. she is enamored by people passionate about their craft and jumps at the opportunity to help support and empower their brand voices through her writing. if she isn’t behind her computer, ghost writing a cookbook or creating social media content, the charlotte native is often found in her kitchen, cooking, or on a walk with her husband, son, and two dogs

a lover of all stories, margaret enjoys everything from sifting through 800-page victorian novels to binging the latest netflix drop to blaring classic rock concept albums on her car radio. a firm proponent of the oxford comma, she is still trying to warm up to the e-reader; one of her favorite scents is that of a fresh paperback. she loves utilizing storytelling as a tool to express the human experience and, from working on brand development to building personal relationships, she is passionate about helping others do the same.

a believer that life is beautiful, crunchy peanut butter is the way to go, and guacamole is a gift to humanity.  he is also a polyglot and an internationally touring singer/songwriter with an expansive internet presence and three full-length studio albums; you can hear him online wherever you listen to music.

"working with the dynamic toth shop team is truly a one of a kind experience. it's the kind of experience where your ideas and story are heard and then taken to a whole new level. meg and her team know how to find the fire within you and give you the kind of confidence boost you need to tell your story in a courageous way."

julia rohrbach,

julia fay photography

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meet some of our go-to collaborators we like to think and create with.

(or should i say - with whom we like to think and create.) 

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julia fay photography

since even before we officially met, we've always spotted the exact same (literally) storytelling angles and value in our shared clients - she captures it in visual identity; we capture it in words. when you combine them, it's magic. we made that partnership official here.


meet juju here

anne marie

vessel creative

amg and the vc team are vessels of talent, creativity, grace in business and life, and Faith (yes, with a capital F); they're incredibly easy to work with and eternally positive; they consistently produce work that's professional, bright, and fun. amg is also the go-to for great sermon recommendations.


meet vc here


hello soto

whenever we need to know what's cool, we call gus; he just always brings that  cool factor; he is mindful in his approach and he has a vibe that pushes the limits on design and what we thought would be possible for graphic design and illustration.


check out his badass work here.


the human lawyer

he's our legal counsel, so we have big trust and confidence in him both personally and professionally; but what we truly appreciate about kevin is his humans-first approach.


learn more about his human lawyer approach here


rachel diazena design

i never have to worry about anything or any project we turn over to rachel; she's cool, calm, collected - and damn creative in a very simple, mindful way.


feel her vibe here


drew has coached our team through some serious and important inflection points; he's curious and collaborative; he asks really good questions and creates space in a way few can do.


learn more about his business here


breakthrough babe mastermind 

jen is our go-to resource for sales, marketing, and leadership coaching; she knows exactly when to push us to think and dream bigger. her expertise and coaching is a lot of the reason why and how we decided to kick up our game.


learn more about jen here, and get ready to kick up the game.

also, we can't recommend her podcast more. 


brave new world

mary johnson is one of our favorite people in the world; our agencies partner together on circle k speed street's marketing and pr, BUT our partnership is so much more than that in that we do similar thinking and writing work. we also see the same funny in the world. please ask her about her call to the subaru dealership.


meet brave new word here