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canceling negative contractions

pop quiz: go to your 'sent' folder, and re-read the last three emails you sent. count how many times you used one of these negative contractions: can't won't shouldn't couldn't isn't don't didn't aren't hasn't haven't ...or a similar word, phrase, or intention. these negative contractions are actually negative crutches. we cling to these when we're working fast, we're annoyed, we're busy, when we want someone else to deal with it. granted, there are sometimes that they're necessary; there are other times where we're just being lazy. as you re-read those previous emails, think about how you can zhush them in a way where you can delete all - or maybe most or, ya know what, maybe just one or two - of the negative contractions. i'm not suggesting we go uber-fluff and over-the-top bullshit-like. i'm just wondering if... 'i can't get to that today' can become 'i can do that first thing tomorrow'? or if writing 'it won't be possible' can transform into 'this could happen next month vs. next week'. can you reframe the sentence to avoid the crutch or the road block that is a negative contraction to feel more open, more spacious, more possible?

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