we love working with toth shop. they get it. they are smart and savvy, understand the different directions we’re trying to go in and really dive deep into doing market research with us to be able to find the best solution and direction for our client’s and their brand voice. 

- rachel martin / founder of rachel martin designs

before doing any design, we always start our branding projects with the brand voice, positioning and messaging. that’s where toth shop comes in. we’ve brought them in on several projects starting at the beginning research and development phase. we love working with them through the brand discovery and creative brief to help set the tone and make sure our client and their brand are going in the right direction. from naming to taglines, mission statements and brand stories, all of the way through marketing and website content, toth shop’s expertise and meticulous writing skills always exceed our and our client’s expectations. 



toth shop has provided strategic ideas along with solid taglines, fun headlines, naming, brand stories and content which ultimately have helped our clients be successful with their brand and overall voice, making them stand out in the market. from initial discussions and sometimes vague ideas, toth shop can hone in on the brand voice, take many varying thoughts and help streamline them down into very strategic and thoughtful messaging.

how did we make that happen? get in touch, and we’ll share all the details. 


toth shop. 

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