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+ general marketing messaging / storytelling

+ north star pieces / website copy

+ site map structure based on the refreshed / new copy

+ general game plan for how to use these in marketing/communication efforts in 2021 


+ strategy around what-needs-to-happen-next and how we can outline / define the next pieces needed whether that's photography, website, design, etc.

the spark:

renee houser is a dedicated educator. she’s spent 15 years becoming an expert in the field, and has built her company, read. write. think. — an online k-12 english and language arts education community and learning resource center — from the ground up.


renee is also a diligent student. she met toth shop founder and ceo meg seitz as a student in meg’s marketing class at the hurt hub center for entrepreneurship at davidson college. she threw herself into the work in meg’s class, and attended every office hour, crafting north star content pieces and a tagline to pin down her corporate mission and guide her brand.


what she needed next was guidance, clarity, and collaboration to keep up the momentum. she came to toth shop in search of a teammate in setting the strategy and laying the groundwork for the future of the read. write. think. brand.



it was clear from her all-in approach to meg’s marketing class and her extensive expertise in the education field that the work toth shop would do with renee would be close and collaborative. we love that in clients. but we know when you’re too close to something dear to you, it can be hard to see it with fresh eyes. 


what we saw in looking at read. write. think. was the need for a brand refresh and holistic approach. using renee’s northstar pieces and tagline as the starting point, we helped her figure out how best to capitalize on her new brand anchors. we tapped our friends at vessel creative for a new website look and feel, as well as a site map and structure based on fresh new website copy. we roped in julia fay to bring in new photography. we worked closely with renee to build brand storytelling elements based on her own writing. 


the result is a brand that is clear and consistent on all fronts. one whose various components now delivered the same, unified message; that read. write. think. is a breath of fresh air, offering fun, fresh positivity built on trusted expertise.

how did we make that happen?

and we'll share all the details

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