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"what you wrote is exactly what i’d hoped for. i can't think of anything i'd have done differently, and i'm just so impressed with how you understood the tone and voice we wanted and pulled it all together. you were able to pull out of me what i could not pull out of myself...what i could not articulate. it's beautiful. it was really cool to see my dream be born into the world, which could not have happened without your beautiful words."

melissa hayes

serre vineyards


serre is a wedding venue and tasting room in mount airy, nc. founded by a husband and wife with a love for nc wine and bringing people together, serre was created by two people who never knew if they could fall head over heels again, that found and fell for each other. melissa and christian’s story is so special, but they weren’t quite sure how to tell it.


toth shop got to the heart of the story — to the hearts of melissa and christian — to identify the most wonderful inspiring parts, and give them the words to articulate their passion, their mission, their love of togetherness and celebration with the world.

how did we make that happen?

and we'll share all the details

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