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meet toth shop in 90 seconds

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first things first-

what's toth?

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth who, at just 19, left her home in the village of paczin, hungary to board a transatlantic ship in the belgian port city of antwerp on may 23, 1912. she did it by herself, in the middle of the night. that ship docked at ellis island, nyc on june 4, 1912. she spoke no english; she knew no one in america; she started an entirely new life in pittsburgh. she - elizabeth toth doczy - became a u.s. citizen in 1957. she’s our founder’s great-grandmother.

that courage, curiosity, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop.

welcome to the family.


that courage, curiosity, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop.

how we got to storytelling and strategy

too many investor pitch decks with too many pivot tables and not enough storytelling - and eye roll-worthy grammatical errors to boot.
businesses struggling to identify their gold nuggets and value and translate that into their marketing and communications strategically - all with damn good writing.
humans wrestling with their super powers, talents, and strengths as well as how to use their stories to fuel their personal brands.


toth shop launched in 2015
after years of experiencing


none of these opportunities needed a big agency or an off-shore writer. they needed a personal touch -  a strategic and creative team to listen, think deeply, and act with agility, curiosity, and human brain magic.

what that looks like today

we deliver thinking and writing that delivers the definition, authenticity and confidence you need to connect with humans, brands, and businesses.


here's how we
make it happen



in our brand discovery process, we want to know where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re going. we take a holistic and strategic look at who you are and what makes you special; from the art and soul to the business and operations. we’re listening for what matters to you most and the opportunities we see possible for your storytelling.



first and foremost, we’re your thought partner; we identify your hidden gems - your strengths, your super powers, your valuable creative opportunities, and we create a plan to bring those to the forefront of your writing and marketing. this phase is all about fresh perspective and good ideas.



better yet, creativity in action; creative can run the gamut as we customize it to fit your needs; it could be a series of blogs, fresh content for your website; a communications strategy and content calendar for the next year. the result? clarity, consistency, character-driven content, a fresh take on customer engagement. and you’ll feel more confident which forever changes how you and your brand show up.

“working with the toth shop is like seeing the words in your head -- on paper.  they did an extraordinary job in creating our voice.  we lean on them and refer them all the time.”

william haygood, III

principle, boundary street advisors

creativity in action can mean a lot; here are several trending examples:

north stars

our signature package helps you develop the anchor pieces you need internally and externally as you grow your business and your brand

clever &

creative copy

for advertising, marketing, and communication pieces across print, web, and/or social


let’s put your great work and your happy clients into snackable or long-form case studies 


our collaborative partners help bring your brand to life with mindset training, design, photography, or additional pr/marketing support



thinking and writing for key comm pieces like press releases, letters, annual reports, company updates

personal branding


from bios and credibility statements to cover letter reviews, we partner with you to bring your personal brand to life



we can refresh and edit your current copy or partner with you to tell an entirely new story


let’s interview your team, your customers, your people and use those good vibes for marketing copy and collateral

fractional brand
management work

we can help to think through, design, and put your brand into action 

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