to bring artistry to business; and business to artistry.



we respect and fiercely protect anything that’s great about being human - from senses of humor and playfulness to empathy and curiosity; we believe it’s our responsibility and privilege to share that with the world and to support you in sharing your humanity and soul with the world. 

the quest for the middle path

creativity x cleverness; artistry x business; bold x simplicity; heart-melting x fired up, whatever there is, we’re constantly seeking that middle path between two things that feel so different. 


we believe in letting the idiosyncrasies shine. those peculiar traits that add character and intrigue; those funny little details that make your story unique to you, and only you.


we trust each other; we trust you; we ask you to trust us; we honor trust in all the dimensions it is present and necessary.

healthy confidence with humility

we know who we are, what we’re good at, and how we can bring that to others; this is the only place you’ll ever see us say that; we come to each conversation open, eager, listening and ready to partner with you. ​


"our experience working with toth shop was amazing--it was professional, but also like working with friends. through utilizing their discovery process, we were able to dive deeper into our own brand and its voice. not only did their copy inspire our brand design, their exceptional client experience did as well. toth made us confident selling ourselves through copywriting."

- jena chow & amanda hoffay, illume collective

why toth shop?

over the years, we’ve worked with an incredible variety of companies, businesses, industries in various life cycles and sizes - we’ve worked with incredible people and personalities; we’ve seen it played out a lot of different ways. 

toth shop’s been around for over five years; we’ve been doing this work for close to ten;  we’ll just say it, we know what we’re doing. 

we have a unique brand discovery process that allows us to connect with you on a whole new level.

we have a strong and agile team; we also have a team of partners, resources, and connections, who we work with - and trust - daily in case there’s an additional need.

look, we don’t create a story for you to make you sound cool; we meet you where you are; we use the story you already have; we bring out the best in you; which means no smoke and mirrors - just what’s awesome about you.

we’re big picture, diverse thinkers which we see ‘it’ holistically, we catch the context, we factor in  cultural or historical implications; what this really means? We don’t think in a vacuum.