a fresh story starts with toth shop.

our 30 second elevator pitch

words hold power.


since the first day of the gutenberg printing press, we’ve known that words can shift culture, change thinking, and shape dynamic legacies.


that starts with strategy and storytelling.

toth shop brings artistry to business and business to artistry through strategy and storytelling. we are equal parts micro think tank and content shop. 

what we do: creative services

let’s be honest, creative services can run the gamut.


maybe it's a series of blogs; maybe it’s fresh content creation for a website; maybe it’s a communications strategy for the next year. whatever it is, it’s designed unique to you.


we have three approaches when it comes to creative services:


(let's do this one thing together.)


(let's work together consistently.)

 consulting & coaching 

(you just need our objective third-party brain.)

creative may include editorial content creation & content planning services including:   


content creation (from blogs to websites to marketing collateral)  


social media strategy and content


public relations strategy and content communication planning


how we do it: brand discovery

everything we do starts with brand discovery.

    story & strategy            

    voice & character          

    character & style          

during this process, we dig into your company’s current footprint and talk to your team to get a feel for:

content opportunities


culture and brand


we then deliver...

insight, vision, strategy

side dish services

just need a strategy or content fix without a long-term commitment? we get it. 

side dish services include:


a bio for a website or speaking engagement

press release

blog post on a specific topic to address a specific need

narrative writing piece for a letter, blog, website or marketing piece  

case study

white paper

editorial services (from editing your work to shaping your thoughts into a piece)

classes & workshops

looking to learn something new or freshen up your skills? we've got ya covered.

these class and workshops are designed for a small crowd of fierce learners (five to 10 people) who enjoy interactive and collaborative instruction as well as the opportunity to ask questions and recieve 1:1 support.

course topics include:

how to conduct your own brand discovery process

finding your brand's voice

redefining your brand's copy strategy

storytelling 101

finding the hidden gems in your brand's story

how to tell the story of your talent

social media 101

toth shop. 

bringing artistry to business; business to artistry

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