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Mindset & Marketing Calendar

what is mindset & marketing?

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in this experience,

you’ll get to work with:


cari hebert, emmy-award winning producer, certified executive coach, meditation and yoga instructor 

what’s awesome

about this:


think the perfect combo of self discovery and marketing to get you feeling clear and confident for 2022

meet the



when she’s not running on the charles or posted up at a boston-area brewery or coffee shop, you can find jess tuned in to a story, either one she’s crafting or one she’s consuming. jess puts her journalism background to use in support of the idea that brands big, small, and anywhere in between work better when they’re working from a shared story. a citizen of the world having lived and worked in new zealand, denmark, france and elsewhere, she is never not planning her next big escape.

as professionally trained chef and seasoned traveler, sarah’s first love is experiencing other cultures through what is on her plate. she is enamored by people passionate about their craft and jumps at the opportunity to help support and empower their brand voices through her writing. if she isn’t behind her computer, ghost writing a cookbook or creating social media content, the charlotte native is often found in her kitchen, cooking, or on a walk with her husband, son, and two dogs

"toth shop is truly amazing! they really took the time to understand the mission of our company and provided us with exactly what we needed to tell our story in a more dynamic way. we are connecting with our customers like never before and we have toth shop to thank!”

stuart allen

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