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+ brand / story discovery - for mission, tagline, etc.

+ brand strategy development, so it's cohesive with copy

+ customer interviews for testimonials

+ service provider interviews / communication

+ content / copywriting and storytelling for all webpages

the spark:

courtney kahla is a chiropractor and wellness influencer in frisco, texas who recently expanded her practice by founding our well house, a faith-based holistic health collective and family-centered community space. while toth shop was initially tagged in by our close collaborators at vessel creative to write the website copy — things like mission statement, manifesto, practitioner bios, and more  — it became clear to us that there was more that could be done to tell the story, share the wisdom, and expand the reach of dr. courtney and her partners.



we pitched courtney on the idea that there was more she could be doing to connect with and serve her community through content. 


knowing courtney’s audience was predominantly busy moms, one idea we proposed was a weekly micro-newsletter; a monday morning quick read to help her audience start their week on the right foot. each micro-newsletter would contain a nugget of information and wisdom from a different subcategory; micro-adjustment as small changes readers can make to improve their wellbeing; micro-facts as informational tidbits gleaned from our well house’s wide-ranging expertise; micro-reminders as memos of encouragement to readers; and micro-graces as a piece of poignant and inspirational scripture. the goal of the newsletters would be to capture the community conversations about faith, health, and wellbeing that were happening in the shared spaces at our well house and deliver them to the inboxes of members and readers. 


knowing courtney was already using her own instagram page to share facts and information with her audience of nearly 100k, we pitched a blog as a way to expand on insights she and her partners were sharing across their social channels. we named the blog ‘the well’ as a nod to both the christian and wellness roots of the brand. diving deeper on the info that was teased on shorter format social channels, and capitalizing on opportunities to respond to trending subjects in the holistic wellness field, we launched the blog to further the thought leadership of dr. courtney and the whole our well house staff. 

"toth shop was able to capture our entire brand vision + voice in a way that aligned with our mission. now there is consistency + congruency throughout every element of our brand! their services make connection + community a priority and we are so grateful to have them as part of our virtual team!”

courtney kahla

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