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brand storytelling


[ written by humans, for humans ]

since 2014 2

who we're not:

since 2014

we have supported companies, c-suite leaders, and emerging brands around the world to: 


solve ‘what-to-say-and-how-to-say it’ problems in a way that positions them for future growth

articulate their unique expertise, talent, and value


identify and hone storytelling gold nuggets that resonate with humans 


reinvent compelling content brand-building assets distributed daily, weekly, and monthly


equip thought leaders with strategic and creative messaging that helps them stand out from the crowd

who we are:

a non-traditional creative agency

strategic thought partners

champions for agile & athletic artistry

thinkers and writers who know the power of reinvention

who we're not:

hourly, freelance copywriters

a one-off-and-out-the-door vendor

transactional thinkers & writers 

just-write-what-you-need-written types

what's a toth:

it's 2am.

you’re leaving home today from a seaport a country away from where you are now, to sail an ocean away. you have little to no cash in your pocket. little to no understanding of the language and culture you’re heading towards.


you’re 19 years old. and you’ve made the decision to do this alone. 

do you go?

we want you to feel valued, confident, clear, and excited about what's possible.         

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