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finishing the year strong: ten content ideas for q4

Can you believe it - Q4 2023 is right around the corner.

Yes, it's one of the craziest times of year for any business in any industry. But it’s also one of the most exciting and fun with lots of content, storytelling, and communications opportunities.

Between the personal and professional commitments, October 1st through December 31st flies by. Prepping as much as you can before the mad dash starts can make the season more enjoyable and more organized.

Here are ten content ideas to get you thinking, planning, and creating ahead of time:

1. remember october

October is that weird in-between month where it doesn’t quite feel like the end of the year yet. But it’s the start of the Q4 and filled with opportunities for you to create authentic, engaging content. re: Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all things fall.

content challenge: start Q4 a bang; take the opportunity to dive deep and tell high quality stories - profiling a breast cancer survivor, spotlighting a member of the LGBTQ community for LGBTQ History Month.

2. holidays

The holidays are HEERREE! (Insert Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade theme music here.) Think about how your brand will approach the various holidays in your content - official (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) and un-official (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)

Content challenge: take the time to make sure you’re addressing all holidays that are relevant to your business and audience in a respectful and authentic way. re: Día de los Muertos (November 1st)

3. giving back

The end of the year is a final push to hit sales goals and position your business for a successful start in the new year. It’s also a really special season - the season of giving. Whether it's your time, money, or resources, consider how you and your team can give back to the community. Then, think about how you want to share that story with your audience.

Content challenge: go beyond the ‘look-at-all-the-good-we did’ kind of content; instead, flip the script and highlight OTHER organizations and what they do in the community

4. year-in-review

It’s amazing to see what you’ve accomplished in a year. Share highlights of what your brand did - milestones hit, noteworthy projects completed, accolades received. Take the opportunity to be creative with visual content that represents what you’ve accomplished.

content challenge: when’s the last time you did an impact report? At toth shop, these are used to define and summarize your business's impact - beyond sustainability and environmental issues. They’re not just for b corps or non-profits. Here’s your chance to show how you are making a positive impact.

5. message from founder

Or CEO. Or COO. Or Director. Or Manager. Or Chief Innovation Officer. Or anyone that customers don’t typically hear directly from but who still has a major impact on the business. This can be an expression of gratitude, a recap of the past year, sharing excitement for the upcoming year, or some combination of the three. No matter what your message says, it’s time to be personal and authentic.

content challenge: be extra engaging and make it a video message; short-form video continues to be a top content performer.

6. lessons learned

Learning from experience is a universal part of being human. In line with the ‘reflection’ that often comes with quarter four, there’s no better time to peel back the curtain and share a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.

content challenge: we always advocate for you to be more human in your content and storytelling; look beyond the professional lessons you learned - are there any personal lessons you can share?

7. top ten roundup

This spin on the ‘year-in-review’ concept has you look at specific categories to recap - most read blog posts, most listened to podcast episodes, most liked LinkedIn posts, etc. Have some fun with it!

content challenge: take a look at the data across your marketing channels; a roundup can direct traffic to a channel that might need a little love or boost a channel that’s already performing well.

8. trend predictions for 2024

A critical part of Q4 is setting your business up for Q1. Take this opportunity to offer thoughtful insight into what the next year in your industry looks like. This is a chance to position yourself as an expert in the field.

content challenge: what’s ONE trend you see or predict for 2024; think about how to support that prediction with data, blog posts from trusted sources, or podcasts to help support your point.

9. gift guide

‘Tis the season. As you craft this content, make sure to consider your audience. If you’re a product-based business, create a guide aligned with your products. If you offer services, what type of gift guides do your ideal customers look for? re: you’re a staffing agency - your gift guide could be geared toward what companies can give employees as holiday gifts.

content challenge: connect with your network to support other businesses by adding their product or services to the guide.

10. goals for 2024

Part of the beauty in Q4 is the ability to look ahead - there’s a fresh start coming your way. Not just a new quarter or a new month, but a new year. Share your goals for the next 365 days and don’t hesitate to ask your audience to share theirs as well.

content challenge: as you move into the new year, come back to the goals you shared and offer updates, challenges, and successes as they come.

One of the keys to success with content marketing is planning ahead. Save yourself the stress, set aside time now, and plan out your Q4 content.

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