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are you a tothy?

we like to call our clients tothys. since 2014, we’ve worked with thousands of tothys around the world to solve brand messaging and content problems.

we find that regardless of a project’s size or scope, the clients we partner with - the tothys - are the game changers in the relationship and the final project.

so, who’s a tothy? we’re glad you asked.


  • appreciate good, high-quality thinking and writing - and are excited to invest in both

  • value creativity, personality, and spunk

  • know who they are and what they like

  • love to collaborate

  • want strategic partners at the writer’s table WITH them - not FOR them

  • know when it’s time to let go and trust an expert

  • hate micromanaging - and don’t have time for it

  • want to do differently, stand up copy that stands out from the crowd

  • want copy that sounds like a human - not a bot - wrote it

  • do business in a human and relationship-focused way

  • show up daily as lighthearted, genuine, and fun

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