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meet toth shop

let us introduce you to what we're all about

toth shop at a glance.

opening date: february 13, 2015

average partnership duration: 18 months 

longest partnership: five years 

times zones navigate during the average week: five 

fast facts

businesses served: 500+

partners: international and domestic partners proudly writing around the world 

client range: hyper-local elderberry syrup startups to international corporations 

writing range: creative to technical 

thinking range: from peter drucker to stranger things

what's a toth?

you awaken at 2am.

 you’re leaving home today. from an oceanliner, leaving from a port a country away from where you are now, to sail an ocean away. you have little to no cash in your pocket. little to no understanding of the language and culture you’re heading towards. 


you’re 19 years old. and you’ve made this decision to do this alone. 


when it’s time to go - do you go? 

grandmother pic.webp

the toth shop story

toth shop is named for erzsébet toth who, at just 19, left her home in the village of paczin, hungary to board a transatlantic ship in the belgian port city of antwerp on may 23, 1912. she was escaping an arranged marriage, and, what we think, were the early and hushed rumblings of world war 1 in eastern europe. 


she did it by herself, in the middle of the night. that ship docked at ellis island, nyc on june 4, 1912. she spoke no english; she knew no one in america. 


she made that choice at 2am. 


it changed the course of history for a family, reinventing her story to explore what’s possible. she started a new life in pittsburgh, marrying josef doczy, and becoming a mother and grandmother. then, in 1957 - she - elizabeth toth doczy - became a u.s. citizen.


‘toth’ is our founder’s middle name. because this story is about her great grandmother. 


that courage, boldness, curiosity, spirit, agility, and personal drive to rewrite the (life) story defines toth shop. 


welcome to the family. 

"working with the dynamic toth shop team is truly a one of a kind experience. it's the kind of experience where your ideas and story are heard and then taken to a whole new level. meg and her team know how to find the fire within you and give you the kind of confidence boost you need to tell your story in a courageous way."

julia rohrbach,

julia fay photography

our values:

values we live by


the power of reinvention

when we choose to reinvent our identities, our stories, our impact, everything changes - for today and for the future. (aside: the power word there is choose.) the power of reinvention stretches across both personal and professional.


boldness & courage

that 2am choice to seek the new frontier, to question and challenge what’s been, to grow and change when everyone else stays the same is bold. it takes courage. we gravitate towards clients and work who would make that choice, as well.



just as with reinvention, everything changes when we choose to ask ourselves and each other this question: ‘what’s possible?’. it’s multidimensional and multi-layered, deep and wide. we are willing and eager to go there with you.  

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julia fay photography

since even before we officially met, we've always (literally) spotted the exact same storytelling angles and value in our shared clients - she captures it in visual identity; we capture it in words. when you combine them, it's magic. we made that partnership official here.


meet juju here

anne marie

vessel creative

amg and the vc team are vessels of talent, creativity, grace in business and life, and Faith (yes, with a capital F); they're incredibly easy to work with and eternally positive; they consistently produce work that's professional, bright, and fun. amg is also the go-to for great sermon recommendations.


meet vc here


the human lawyer

he's our legal counsel, so we have big trust and confidence in him both personally and professionally; but what we truly appreciate about kevin is his humans-first approach.


learn more about his human lawyer approach here


rachel diazena design

i never have to worry about anything or any project we turn over to rachel; she's cool, calm, collected - and damn creative in a very simple, mindful way.


feel her vibe here


drew has coached our team through some serious and important inflection points; he's curious and collaborative; he asks really good questions and creates space in a way few can do.


learn more about his business here


breakthrough babe mastermind 

jen is our go-to resource for sales, marketing, and leadership coaching; she knows exactly when to push us to think and dream bigger. her expertise and coaching is a lot of the reason why and how we decided to kick up our game.


learn more about jen here, and get ready to kick up the game.

also, we can't recommend her podcast more. 


the being approach

cari hebert, as both human and coach, is pretty badass - and in the most calm, peaceful, conscious way ever. it's that energy that allowed her to give us some of our favorite work - our essence. in our time together, she helped us each to dig deep and listen to the people in our worlds; from that work, she was able to pull our essence words for us. it's really important work and it's language we use daily. fun fact: she's also an emmy award-winning producer. 

meet the being approach here.


meet meg seitz 

meg seitz is the founder and managing creative partner of toth shop.


she holds a bachelor of arts in english from kenyon college and an mba from wake forest university school of business, as well as a variety of certificates ranging from design thinking to crisis communications from institutions including yale university, wake forest university, the department of homeland security, and ideo.


in november 2018, her perspective and research on artificial intelligence placed third in the world for managers/entrepreneurs in the peter drucker challenge, sponsored by the global peter drucker forum. she traveled to vienna, austria in november to accept the award and contribute to a panel moderated by andrew hill, management editor with the financial times.


from 2018 to 2019, she was one of 22 charlotte leaders to be selected to participate in novant health's h: drive experience for high potential leaders invested and engaged in the charlotte-mecklenburg community.


she and jamie brown are co-founders of 'bea is for business', the educational platform designed to teach children about entrepreneurship and business education; there are five books in the series. 

meet our collaborative partners:

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