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& writing

thinking and writing services that deliver the definition, authenticity and   confidence you need to connect with humans, brands, and businesses.

the toth shop
service commitment:

however we work together, here’s our commitment to you.

we take care of people. we listen. we seek the middle path between understanding AND challenging you to elevate your message, your content, your voice to the next level. we’re ready and eager to dig in to find your story. we don’t do things FOR people - we do them WITH people. we advise, counsel, coach. we teach with the understanding that we never want anyone to feel frozen in that moment they need to create their own messaging or writing. we don’t give a shit about templates, algorithms, formulas, or how it’s always been done or how someone else is doing it. we believe that thinking and writing is powered by human connection, conversation, relationship, originality, boldness, courage, the choice to reinvent yourself, and a personal touch. 


we get here with you by asking you to think bigger, to push your brain, to challenge how you understand yourself and the work you do and how it impacts the world. it’s work every member on our team has done personally and professionally. 


we want you to feel valued, confident, clear, and excited about what’s possible. 

secret sauce

we're not freelance, hourly copywriters. 

"toth shop is truly amazing! they really took the time to understand the mission of our company and provided us with exactly what we needed to tell our story in a more dynamic way. we are connecting with our customers like never before and we have toth shop to thank!”

court creeden

how we do it:

artistry x business

our shop was founded and is currently led by an english major with an mba, so we see both the art and the business driving all content. 

welcome to the writer’s room 

we utilize a writer’s room model which means every project is processed by several talented toth shop-trained thinkers and writers who deliver holistic perspectives - and possibilities. 

critical thinking 

we see the details and the big picture; we reimagine possibilities and opportunities; we ask tough questions; we’re problem solvers and dot connectors. we live and work by critical thinking. 

we’re done when the job is done

we don’t tap out when we hit the maximum hours budget. we are in it with you until the project is complete, and you’re happy.

we write with you - not for you

this is work built on relationships - we see that as the opportunity to be your writing partner, thinking and writing with you versus for you. 



services we offer:

we support you, our clients

we customize our work and our partnership with every client after we connect with you to listen and learn your need(s).

services include:


foundational brand messaging 

brand strategy development

website storytelling strategy and writing 

consistent and original content delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly  

thought leadership pieces for c-suite and executive leaders 

brand messaging problem solving and coaching  

special strategy & brand projects such as naming, taglines, and quarterly reporting

clever and creative copy for advertising and marketing

communication assets including press releases 

testimonial interviews

professional editing services 

case studies - snackable to one-pagers

personal branding pieces from bios and credibility statements to cover letter reviews

fractional brand & communication management work 


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