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the meeting of creative minds: a michelle jones creative x toth shop case study

Creativity stems from collaboration. When two creatives meet on a project, they’re able to kick each other’s services up a notch. Think about it - peanut butter and jelly are fine spreads in their own right. But put them together, and you’ve created an iconic sandwich that withstands the test of time. 

As writers, finding a website designer to complement our copy (and vice versa) allows us to offer a high-level final product that better serves all of our clients. 


Based in Charlotte, Michelle Jones, owner and lead designer of Michelle Jones Creative (M|J Creative), helps to simplify the website design process. Her strategic approach offers business owners a balance of quality aesthetics and technical strategy. She’s committed to providing her clients with a website that looks amazing and generates maximum results.  

We like MJ because she simultaneously balances several roles - tech expert, artistic designer, and project manager all rolled into one. She does it all in a way that makes sure the client is involved from start to finish.


With clients ranging from real estate developers to non-profits, M|J Creative wanted to offer the option for clients to elevate their copy alongside their design. Michelle understands how integral language is to designing a strategic website that clearly communicates to a customer. She wanted a thought partner to flesh out a brand’s messaging and voice then bring that voice to life on the page. 


At its core, your website is a narrative for your business. It exists to connect you to your customers, and that connection is driven by what someone sees, what they read, and how it makes them feel.

To successfully achieve this, design and copy must go hand-in-hand. When website designers and copywriters break down the silos and view the process more holistically, you get a final product that is visually stunning and easy to understand. 



Since connecting with MJ, we’ve worked on countless projects together and supported the copy for a variety of website designs and updates. In doing so, we’ve built a partnership rooted in a deep respect for each other’s creative process. 

We know how to write. MJ knows how to design. Together, we’re able to create something truly beautiful. 

“Partnering with toth shop for our web design client's copywriting needs is always a top-notch experience. Their team's dedication to quality copywriting with an emphasis on storytelling has greatly enhanced our web designs and elevated the client's brand and overall user experience. Communication with their team is always seamless, ensuring a smooth collaborative process from beginning to end.

— Michelle Jones, Owner and Leader at Michelle Jones Creative

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