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a toth shop case study with pineapple consulting firm

Refreshing your website doesn’t mean you have to reinvent it entirely. It’s easy to get tunnel vision on your copy, but being aware is key.

Copy is a living, breathing thing, and it can be updated and refined at any time. When you know your product/business/service so well, sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to find new ways to reimagine how you talk about what you do and who you are.


Pineapple Consulting Firm (PCF) makes data analytics interesting, fun, and lighthearted — not stiff and boring, which is the reputation that numbers people tend to have. And though they’re data-oriented, when clients work with them, they work closely with the people behind PCF, namely its pineapple-loving founder, Jack.

With so many AI tools taking off and numbers and computers driving business, their relationship-driven and unique approach to data analytics is their main advantage.


PCF knows data; they’re confident in their mission to turn small businesses into data superheroes who don’t shy away from the numbers and important KPIs that help them grow. They sought strategic branding consultation and how to refine their website copy that would allow them to convey their data expertise with a marketing and comms mindset.


There’s value in gaining insights from someone who is unfamiliar with our area of expertise. PCF knew what they were saying made sense to them, but they wanted to know if it made sense to new visitors to their site who are data-curious and there to learn more.

They also understood the value of branding — for example, why pineapples? There was a great story behind the name, and it deserved to be more front and center so it could connect with potential clients.


  • A strategic brand audit that reviewed copy and well as suggestions for storytelling, photography, and user experience.

  • Coaching sessions on website copy and branding best practices.

  • Suggestions for opportunities for a quick website clean-up that could make a big impact without a heavy lift.

  • Review of the revised website and other ways they could stretch and repurpose their new copy.


"Meg and the team at Toth Shop are top-notch! They took our website from busy and overwhelming to clear and concise, while still allowing our unique personality to really shine. They did an incredible job ensuring consistency in our brand's messaging and tone throughout. They truly understood our goals and provided tailored (and easy-to-follow) recommendations that took us to the next level. If you're in need of an exceptional website audit service, Toth Shop is the way to go! We are thrilled with the results."

— Jack Tompkins, Owner, Pineapple Consulting Firm

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