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dig a little deeper this thanksgiving

thanksgiving has always been my favorite.

a festive day for family, friends, and food without the bother of gift-giving. a day for cozy naps, delicious smells, and breaking out the good wine. a few years ago, we tried a new tradition; three questions everyone had to answer anonymously on pieces of paper put into a bowl. we’d pick answers at random and try to guess who wrote what.

the questions were big ones; things like what is a life goal of yours, what is your happiest memory, what is your best piece of advice. it was meant to be a bit of entertainment between courses, but it became something a bit more. hearing the yet-to-be-realized life goals of octogenarian grandparents, the raw wisdom of teenage cousins, the unexpected happiest memories of your sister’s new boyfriend; it forced a reflective pause, a feeling of connection, and an awed sense of gratitude. which is what thanksgiving ought to be about, really.

this year, why not try something similar around your table? we’ve got a few questions to get you started:

what is one life goal of yours?

what is a life goal that you have already achieved?

what is your happiest memory?

what is one thing you can’t remember without laughing?

what is your best piece of advice?

what is one important lesson you have learned?

what is the biggest or most expensive mess you ever made?

want to come up with your own? our tips; stay positive, avoid divisive subjects, look for ways to see new sides of people you think you already know everything about.

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