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mindset & marketing - virtual pop up event

several weeks ago, we introduced you to cari hebert from 'the being approach'. cari is a high-performance mindset expert, certified professional coach, and meditation guide. (on top of that - she's an emmy-award winning producer for nfl films.)

we're teaming up with cari on tuesday, november 2 for a virtual session to get your mindset and marketing aligned for the holidays - and 2022.

three things to know about the run of show, so to speak:

  • cari will lead you through an exercise to 'shift your story';

  • meg will lead you through how shifting your story can (and should!) impact how you position your marketing - either for your personal brand or your business - as you prepare for 2022;

  • we're leaving room for questions and conversation

the nitty gritty:

  • it's tuesday, november 2 from 8pEST-9pEST - just one hour

  • there's no pre-work or homework - come as you are!

  • we made this session uber affordable - it's just $35

  • there are LIMITED spaces

compliments of toth shop: we're sharing some of cari's good and juicy meditation work with you this week; it's a meditation to meet your future self. listen here.

got q's? please reach out to crawford at or meg at

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