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a toth shop case study with give impact

Branding is more than your colors, fonts, and taglines; it's the story of why you exist and where you're going. It's the intangible entity of your business - what helps people recognize how you operate, relate to what you do, and just get you. It's what makes them want to be a part of your journey.

Following significant growth during three years in business, Give Impact was ready to evolve its brand to match its success, share far and wide its story and what the organization stands for, and encourage the community to come along for the ride.


Give Impact is an advisory services firm focused on affordable housing and upward mobility solutions through real estate. It facilitates the introduction of new participants, programs, projects, and partnerships through impact strategy sessions and advisory support, all with a lens of love and equality.


When you partner with Give Impact, you're doing just that — giving impact, which means more than giving your time, money, and resources; rather, it's the culmination of all those things.

Give Impact Founder Liz Ward and her colleague Maya Bullock, Director & VP of Operations & Impact, live and breathe their work, a passion that has helped them launch 15 housing projects, create 1,513 housing units, and deploy $11,075,500 of private capital in only three years. Their efforts have directly impacted almost 5,000 people (numbers as of September 2023).

On the heels of their accomplishments, Liz and Maya recognized the need to reassess whether their messaging still accurately represented what their work had become. Their website copy required a refresh on their company values, services, achievements, and how they intend to move their vision of a more equitable world forward.

In anticipation of a third-anniversary event, Liz and Maya were ready to reintroduce themselves to the community by showcasing their mission, business goals, and plans for future growth.


Give Impact is on a mission to listen, learn, and take action every day to create new paths for upward mobility. This work is more important than ever. With the momentum and support to go further with their initiatives, Liz and Maya sought marketing and communication materials to reflect their next level.

  • A website copy rewrite, including a new homepage, redefined mission statement, updated service descriptions, and re-established core values.

  • A comprehensive Impact Report to share with stakeholders and demonstrate how they’ve scaled over the past three years, as well as the paths forward for future success.

  • A new section on their website showcasing case studies of their most accomplished projects; toth shop helped brainstorm the ideal format and drafted copy for these pages.

  • Brand and communications coaching to lay the foundation for thought leadership opportunities.


"Working with Toth Shop felt like a breath of fresh air. Meg and Christine were both professional, familial, and helpful. They made it easy for us to be our true authentic selves and created space for us to tell our story. Seeing the way they captured who we were and all we'd done over the past three years was exciting and enjoyable. Looking at the finished product, it was worth the investment to do a brand refresh and impact report. They have an incredible process down that made it easy for us to keep focused on our business while providing them with what they needed. We would recommend anyone to work with the toth shop and encourage them to show up as themselves and let Meg and Christine do their magic."

Liz Ward & Maya Bullock, Give Impact Advisory Services

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